CTR Ring History


One of the most recognizable symbols of faith among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a simple silver adjustable ring consisting of a green shield and the three letters CTR. The CTR ring was created over 40 years ago as a type of “Badge of Belief” for LDS youth. Today the CTR shield is still found on rings as well as other jewelry, clothing and gifts.


In the 1970’s a committee consisting of: Noami W. Randall, Norma Nichols, Virginia Cannon, Vauna Jacobsen, Ruth Clinger, Virginia Bryner, Jean Hughes and Helen Evans; was tasked with creating a symbol of faith that could be incorporated into the instruction of LDS youth. What the committee came up with was a simple green shield with the letters CTR symbolizing “choose the right”. The ring was designed with the letters CTR encased in a shield representing a shield from temptation. The green background was added to represent the evergreen tree which “stays constant from season to season”.

For a short time, the committee considered dropping “the” from “choose the right”. Norma Nichols said “the word ‘the’ was the most important word of all. Choosing right could mean many things, but choosing the right meant there was only one way.” No one could have imagined how well the emblem would be embraced. In the 1970 the church added a new “CTR” program to the primary curriculum for six and seven year old children.


A CTR ring is as common among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a cross is among Christians or a rosary among Catholics. Is it a fad? Is it trendy to wear a CTR ring? LDS youth throughout the church would declare wearing a CTR ring makes a statement about the values they hold.


The first CTR ring was made of nickle and platinum and was available through the church for a mere 35 cents. Today a similar adjustable ring cost one dollar at the Church Distribution Center. However, the LDS church has licensed the rights to manufacture CTR rings and other CTR related products. Today there are three major manufacturers of CTR rings which combined sell hundreds of thousands of rings a year. CTR rings are sold in typical brick and mortar retail stores. They are also able to be purchased at online retailers like http://www.LatterDayRings.com

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